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What Does it Mean to be Soul Directed ?

Being Soul directed means that you are not running patterns from previous lives or your genetic lineage but are free to express your soul gifts, through the personality in your present incarnation i.e the life you are currently living .

What gets in the way of Soul Directed Sovereignty?


When we first come into existence we take on a contract, a universal expression of being. What is deemed needed at that time within the whole of creation, this is your blueprint, it is held in your DNA and emits a frequency of sound and light that reverberates throughout the universe as a harmonic. A mathematical equation of your individual vibration, no-one else's is ever the same as your's it is completely unique.

We may have similarities with others' that are on the same frequency band.
Just as light is split into the 7 colour's of the rainbow those closest to our shade will have similar hue’s but the expression will be utterly unique to you.
Those performing similar roles, that have a similar set of harmonic's as you are called your soul family.


Sometimes we are handed contracts i.e. vibrations of being that are not our own and do not fit with who were are in our essence & in trying to fulfill these contracts we become removed from our individual purpose of being our essential self. 

Some contracts are set up deliberately to keep us away from our full potential and keep us locked into systems that use our energy for their own gains.
These energy harvesting systems are used by Government's, the media & religious organisations .

They run on tacit consent i.e. because we did not claim our free will to choose by saying NO we automatically agree to go along with it until of course we reclaim our right to be a Sovereign being and govern ourselves and our life. We put our energy into these systems out of naivety and trust it is therefore up to us to remedy by saying NO. 


Vows promises and agreements we have taken in the past can affect us in the now, some we may have made lifetimes or eons ago. The importance of Vow's is highlighted in the Sanskrit ancient Indian epic Mahabharata "Once stated a vow becomes the truth & must be fulfilled, no matter what else may happen"

we can carry vows of chastity for example that get in the way of close intimate relationships, past life marriage vows can affect our relationships as we have vowed never to love another. Vows of poverty can stop us making money as we have vowed to give it all away to the poor, or to the church previously. The list goes on.

DNA lineage

Everything we have ever been or will ever be is held within our DNA blueprint our lineage or bloodline carries within it all our ancestors experiences both positive and negative as gifts in epigenetic form. Epigenetics is a new scientific understanding of how genes work, running above your DNA blueprint are a set of markers that tell the gene how to express, itself these markers have a major impact on how our life turns out.

Removing all of the things that are stuck in a loop of the 'past' enables us to come back home to ourselves, to our original blueprint and expression for being.

Setting our soul free to explore what existence means for us as an individual soul incarnate. 
All courses and sessions provided under SDS are designed to enable you to do that.


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