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Everyone who knows me, who has seen or followed my work over recent times is I’m sure aware of the issues I have had with Reiki, not as said with the system itself but with the way it has been & still is taught by many.


I became a Reiki Master in 2000, at a time when many of the students I was teaching were just handed a manual & told to get on with it, left on their own with no guidance from their tutors/ Masters & the origins were as fluffy as any cotton candy dream of spiritual enlightenment can be.

Many of the students I taught had come from other masters who had not been able to correct their students that were randomly placing symbols into people, not able to see what the student was doing in their healing sessions, not even checking in on where they were within meditations or their healing practices & not understanding what they were attached to through the spell of the ‘Western’ way of attunements, brought over in a watered down fashion by Takata. The clinical style teachings of Usui, where students were dedicated to their practice daily had gone & suddenly you could become a Reiki Master in a weekend.

Knowing the system was being taught wrongly, that the student is only as good as the Master one learns from & each is only ever taught as far as the Masters knowing goes. I found the process to be a Catch 22 when you have Masters relying on faith alone to understand & know without question. I ran weekly classes, two sessions a week, one for self -development of the students & one for shared treatments open to the public & other students ensuring that the foundations of self- healing within the process ran alongside any healing they did for others. As well as doing multiple healing sessions myself a week.

Having decided somethings were amiss & requiring further investigation, to dig further to ask the questions nobody knew or didn’t ask, not just take anything told as gospel I went on a journey of discovery to Nepal & Sikkim to look for the origins of hands on healing & the Reiki System in particular ( most of you know parts of that story too) but not all of it…Around the same time I was reading Diana Steins work Essential Reiki, it was the first time that I am aware the Reiki Attunement process & symbols came out in print to the public, in some of her work she made reference to the next Reiki symbols that they would not be given in meditation or esoteric form but would have a physical basis.

On my trip through Sikkim & through meeting many Tibetan Rinpoche’s being allowed in places westerners were not, we ended up at Gangtok Monastary & The Institute of Tibetology, this is where many ancient manuscripts & secret doctrines are translated into multiple languages in order to share the wisdom of the dharma, & this is where I found the 5th Reiki symbol its name is Dai Han Nya Kyo from the book of transcendental knowledge, the diamond body sutra, it is an expansion of the Master symbol Dai Ko Myo, the next level of knowing.

When I got back from Nepal things had gone from bad to worse & over the coming months of seeing what the

Reiki of the West was attached to removed myself from using the system, seeing it used in such a way to cause harm & interference not assistance I stepped back not wanting anything to do with how it was being taught, not wanting the label of Master of anything & especially not Reiki.

I have sat on this upgrade, on this knowing for 19 years held myself back to share the knowing I have of the system because it was not being taught correctly & I wanted nothing to do with it, because it is used to attach students to entities, because the teachers in the ‘West’ did not know what they are doing as many where not taught correctly or questioned what they were being taught in & in un-knowingness have passed the spell on one to another.

I stopped practicing Reiki in the belief that humanity was not ready to receive it or receive me, but I recently made a change in that perception, & rather than just bitching about something & doing nothing to correct, being an armchair philosopher whilst sitting cosy in my chair, thinking of others & the level of understanding they have or have not.

I am ready to give my own, what I have re-membered, what I know as the origin, my knowing of how it works

& that it is universal energy, that it is not something outside of you, but within each & every one of us, & that it can be re-awakened within as a knowing & understanding if we choose.

With the knowing of how we work bio dynamically through the flow of liquid plasma light of geometry & sound vibration that we all are, through the direct relationship with the source codes of the universe, the one million & one trillion celestial letter alphabet that make up the Aeckashic records of cosmic consciousness of all that is was & ever will be, the fractals that enable perfect nesting & the phase conjugation of being in rhythm with the longitudinal waves of physics, the science of spirituality & the spirituality of science, not the fluffy new age system of something out there above & separate from self that it has been sold as.

With that said I am once again standing up as a Reiki Master not as the master of anyone else but as a Master of this knowing, because I can claim Mastery of it, & in doing so own every healing tool I have in the box to start teaching again. I offer myself & my knowing to anyone who has been attuned to Reiki in the past who would like an at-one-ment with me, & for those that would like to study with me & unlock the spiritual science of knowing that is the healer within themselves. 

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