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How did we get to where we are as a human race?

What are the layers of trauma we are all suffering from ?

How can we heal ourselves and return to our sacred connection with Earth .


Course Purpose

The purpose of this 13 module online course is to give you the tools and knowledge that will enable you to come back to your natural path of soul evolution, to understand the trauma we have all suffered as a result of disconnection and disassociation from ourselves and  to enable you to  heal your soul, bringing you into a more wholisitic relationship with yourself, humanity and the Earth.


Who is this Course Designed For

This course is designed for those interested in personal development, self healing and their own personal connection with Earth, Earth Healers , Earth Workers, Grid Workers , Shamanic Practitioners and those interested in coming home to our Sacred Roots.

The Course is Offered as monthly online classes with self study, exercise's and meditations to complete . There are various packages to suit your learning style and your budget. 

Check out what is available by clicking the book your place button

Course content is listed below 


Course Content

Module 1

Earth History, Re-membering The Seeding of a Planet

Earth Energy


Module 2

Earth Chakra’s

Star-gates and Our Human nature

Our Co -Creative Reality

Module 3

Ley Lines/Song lines

Crossroads Portals and Vortices

The Spine of Ælbion and the 33rd parallel 

Module 4

Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

Crop Circles

Artificial Geometry of Buildings

Cities, Grids and Energy Harvesting

Module 5

Earth Grids

Incarnation wars



Module 6

 The Essentient Self Connections

Plasma and the Bodies of Light

Alignments and Activation's

Module 7

Grids and Connections

Anchor points

Alignments and Activation's

Module 8

Earth Work Clearing Trauma On the Land

Humility, Permission and Right Action

Free will and the Moral Compass

Earth Dreaming

Module 9

The Ancestral Realms

Ancestral Karmic Debt and Epi-genetic Patterns

Connections and Clearings

Module 10

Light Denizens of Earth Mother’s Realms 

Elements and Elementals

Connections , Alignment and Activation's

Module 11

Our Star Brothers and Sisters

Sacred Sites and G.A.P’s

The Celestial Alphabet

Keys and Codes Anchoring Our Wisdom

Connections and Activation's

Module 12

Earth Work Healing Techniques

Buildings 101

Clearing Buildings and Cities

Module 13

Soul Retrieval and Lost Souls


Shards and Shades

The Covenant of Paliador

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