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In Depth Consultation with Karleen

1-1 online

Contact Details

07745 859347

Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, UK


Reclaim Your Sovereignty & Set your Soul Free These sessions are not healing in a conventional sense, but guidance back to yourself under the premise that as a sovereign soul connected to source you know everything there is to know about you. They are designed to allow you to find your own answers and giving you tools and techniques to enable self inquiry and self-healing. They are designed to enable you to come to new understandings of your individuated expression as a being and take your power back. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, sometimes we just need to be asked the right question in order to find what is holding us back or interfering with our lives. This can Include Birth Trauma, Life Trauma, Inner Child, Soul Shard Retrieval,Ancestral Karma, Epigenetics, Contracts, Vows,Promises, Agreements, Re-integration & Energetic Re-wiring, Etheric Implants, Spells & Curses, Alternate Timelines & Altered Selves, Entities & Demonic Attachments, Quantum Untangling. Sessions are based on how much You choose to clear & the time required to clear the issues that are effecting you NOW. Please allow time to rest so you can integrating any changes and new self knowing.

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