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 On November the 18th 1302, a decree by Pope Boniface VIII, was made that ALL SOULS and creatures will be owned by Rome under the papal bull Unam Sanctam.

 The Unam Sanctam (‘One Holy’), affirms the authority of the pope as Vicar of Christ over all human authorities, spiritual and temporal.” (Soul and Body).

This still stands over you today, until you claim your Life, Body and Soul. That includes you, through every lifetime since 1302.

For those of you that inner-stand the true history of Earth, you will know that the corruption and manipulation dates back much further, but this is where we need to get out of the loop of tyranny and corruption bonding us to the Crown and Vatican.

The way they fulfill this claim over the people of Earth, is by issuing a birth certificate and giving a heel prick/ Guthrie test to every baby and soul coming to this Planet regardless of status or religion.

The UNAM Sanctum claims that you are owned by Rome, mind, body and spirit-soul.

The documents below Live-Life claim and Soul-Spirit Claim are given freely

A gift to All humanity to aid you in claiming your sovereignty and setting your soul free. 

Live-Life Claim

Download Live-Life Claim Here

LIVE LIFE CLAIM QUANTUM (1) (1)1024_1.jpg

Soul-Spirit Claim

soul-spirit claim adult final-1.jpg

Download Soul-Spirit Claim Here

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